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  • Real User Feedback

    James Donabed, 64, Judge, Fresno, CA

    Well, the verdict is in! The shoes are outstanding. Perfect fit and my feet feel great after a 12 hour day. In fact, I donated my black cap toe shoes to the cancer society thrift store. The construction is excellent. Leather is full-grain and of exudes quality. The most appealing feature is the light weight. I am a judge. Wearing dress shoes every day is required. So many men my age end up with "orthotic" looking shoes that make them appear much older. The PP is classic. You made the correct choice is starting with a balmoral as opposed to a blucher. I especially liked the 6 eyelet design.

    Chris Kresser, L.Ac, NY Times Bestselling Author, Berkeley, CA

    As soon as I put them on, I knew I was going to like them. You know how most dress shoes are pretty uncomfortable until you break them in? Not the case with these—they felt great right from the start. It was honestly a little disorienting, because I don’t associate dress shoes with comfort at all, and these Primal Professionals were really easy to wear. (full review on ChrisKresser.com)

  • Pursue Health?

    or Pursue Wealth?

    ...Why Not Both?

  • Dear Primal Professional,

    My name is Mountain and I’m the Founder and CEO of Carets.


    I was a corporate accountant who had to wear dress shoes for work. I was also an amateur athlete who realized that dress shoes were ruining my health and sports performance. After looking everywhere, I found nothing in the world that met my strict needs of style and comfort. So I decided to make my own.

    Our Shoes are the Highest Intersection of Style and Comfort.

    I know that sounds cocky, so let me be the first to say this: There will always be more stylish shoes than ours, and there will always be more comfortable shoes than ours. If you care about just style, or just comfort, you would be better served by other shoes.

    If you care about both Style AND Comfort... Look no further.

    Because we’ve packed our shoes to the max with both style and comfort, and you won't find another shoe that does it like we do. 

    How did we make the Highest Intersection of Style and Comfort?

    Our shoe is quite a shoe, and our story is quite a story. Our 20+ features and benefits are closely tied to our journey into the worlds of proper movement and proper attire, so I will be weaving the details of our shoe into the details of our story.

    It starts with an amazing fact...

  • Humans are the Best Long-Distance Runners on Earth

    It sounds crazy, but it's true. We're not the Fastest, but we can go the Furthest.

    Here's how a HUMAN can run down a DEER...

    A deer is faster at a sprint...

    but they can't keep this up for very long. A human hunter just needs to make sure not to lose sight of the deer.

    Once they can't sprint anymore...

    Deer must slow down, from a sprint to a run, at a speed of about 4 meters per second.

    At this running speed...

    humans are MORE EFFICIENT than deer, and ANY other animal!

    With enough time and distance...

    humans can run down and catch ANY other running animal on earth!

  • We were Born to Run

    Even if you can't run now. It's in your genes. 

    In 2009, I came across a book...

    We barefoot runners call it our Bible.

    Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall, begins with the author's personal quest to run farther, faster, and most importantly, without pain and injury.


    In his journey, he meets some of the world's top runners, coaches, and researchers, and shares their stories and insights.


    For myself, the most interesting of these stories and insights was...

    The "Running Man" Hypothesis

    "Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution." - Theodosius Dobzhansky

    David Carrier was helping out Professor Dennis Bramble research how animals move at the University of Utah. One day, Carrier proposed the novel idea that humans evolved as runners. "But we're slow..." That's how most people first respond to the idea, and Bramble was no exception.


    However, it didn't take long for Bramble to come around. A turning point came when Bramble watched a video of Carrier running with a horse during a study. Carrier and the horse were moving at the same speed, but Carrier was taking fewer steps. An average human had a longer (i.e. more efficient) stride than a horse!


    Bramble and Carrier then began looking at the different anatomies of running animals vs. walking animals.


    Once they started looking at the human body, they saw that we were equipped with all these body parts that were useless for walking, but very useful for running! Weird...but cool!

    Built for Distance

    They found 26 different parts of our anatomy made just for running. Here's a few:

    1. Nuchal ligament. A big head like ours needs stability while running, and this neck ligament provides it.
    2. Gluteus maximus. Our butts are huge compared to walking chimps, and replaces the tail that other running animals have as a counterbalance.
    3. Achilles tendon. This springy tendon stores and returns energy with every step, for very efficient running.
    4. Foot arches. This also has a spring function. 

    Here are some parts made for endurance running in particular:

    1. Sweat glands. Other animals need to stop, find shade, and pant, or risk death from overheating. We can keep running for far longer because our sweat glands keep us cool, especially in motion.
    2. Lack of fur. Fur gets hot! And sweat evaporates more quickly off bare skin.
    3. Lung control. Humans can breathe efficiently at a running speed that makes other animals gasp for air.
  • But What Was the Benefit?

    Let's pretend humans were an app. Endurance running, then, is our "killer feature." But what is the benefit of this killer feature? How did we use it?

    Answer: Persistence Hunting.

    When Bramble met Daniel Lieberman at Harvard and told him about the Running Man hypothesis, Lieberman immediately thought the idea had legs (har har). Lieberman remembered hearing about Persistence Hunting, where humans chase their prey until their prey falls over in exhaustion. Sounds crazy, but people can actually do this! Persistence hunting uses our killer feature of endurance running to help us get high-quality food..

  • Running Made Us Who We Are

    2 million years ago...

    ...our evolutionary ancestors left the safety of the trees for the fast life on the plains.

    It was higher-risk, but also higher-reward.


    Just like us, early humans were slow, small, weak, and fragile compared to the other animals on the plains. Just like us, they lacked natural weapons like claws, fangs, and horns. And unlike us, they didn't have crafted weapons. The bow and even the throwing spear were invented much later. 


    So how in the world did they not only survive on the plains, but thrive? And eventually conquer the world?


    Most people would say, "Our big brains," and they would be right. But that's only one part of the answer.

    A Big Brain For Running?

    And A Big Brain From Running?

    Using high-tech tracking equipment, Lieberman found that the large human head--placed directly above a short neck, and working with the arms--provides counterbalance and stability while we run. It's similar to how skyscrapers have roof weights to stabilize against the wind. 


    In a chicken-or-the-egg manner, we also got a big brain from running. See, a big brain takes a lot of food energy to power. Even they're only 2% of our body weight, they soak up 20% of our calories! Running and persistence hunting allowed us to bag big animals, which means food for our big brains.

    Cooperation, Imagination, Humanity

    Persistence hunting is not a steady-pace SOLO run.

    It takes a group effort to isolate a deer from the herd, keep it on the run, keep it in sight, and keep it from rejoining the herd.


    Even then, persistence hunters would occasionally lose sight of their prey because their prey is faster at a sprint. When you can't find their tracks any longer, you have to use your imagination. You put yourself into the mind of the animal, to imagine where it could have gone, and where it might be going. This is also something we do better than any other animal.


    The social and cognitive skills required of persistence hunting define humanity.

    After Learning All This...

    I had to run. It was my birthright. 

    Born to Run also devoted Chapter 25 to how Nike invented a new type of running shoe (the cushioned Cortez) and a new way to run (landing with your foot in front of you heel-first) in the 1970's. The author argues that this unnatural running form, and the overly-cushioned shoes that promote it, are the primary cause of running injuries. Chapter 25 is an interesting read and I would recommend checking it out.


    But I found the Running Man Hypothesis of Human Evolution in Chapter 28 to be the most compelling, and that's why I took this time to share the key points with you.

  • We ran. A lot.

    Better than any animal.

    We've been doing it for most of human history--some 2 million years, up until the 1970's--with simple shoes, or no shoes at all.


    And if we could do something as intense as run without thick cushioning and arch support, then we can certainly walk without those things either.

  • My Shoes Were Born from Running

    6 months after reading

    Born to Run...

    I completed the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon.

    Bare soles to the road for 26.2 miles. I should have given myself more time to train. Going from zero to marathon in 6 months is a little crazy. Before the race, my longest run was only 12 miles. It was no surprise that I hit "the wall" around mile 20. I had to sit down for a good couple of minutes. Then I picked myself up. Every muscle in my leg was cramping. I couldn't run anymore, so I walked the last 6 miles. Nevertheless, I finished. And most importantly, without injury!

    Casual Friday Disaster

    Toe-shoes are casual...no?

    After that marathon, there was no turning back. But I still had to spend five days a week in a business environment. What’s a modern caveman to do? On a casual Friday, I wore my FiveFingers and my colleagues freaked out. This is not a good thing for an accountant. So I put up with my regular work shoe until one day...

    Hacking My Shoes. Literally.

    I came home, so frustrated with the thick heels...


    that I tried to trim them down with a hand saw. It didn’t work as I imagined, and the shoes were just ruined.


    I looked online...

    But nothing was good enough.

    They were lacking in style, lacking in comfort, or lacking in both. It was mid-2010, and the Vivobarefoot Ra was the most promising candidate at the time. My design was largely inspired by how I could improve upon theirs.

  • Nothing else was good enough.

    So I had to make it myself.


    I started by asking,


    " What defines a dress shoe?

    What defines a healthy shoe?

    ...And how do we reconcile these vast differences? "

  • Our Guiding Design Principles

    In making a shoe, there are so many choices that can be made: the style, the material, the color, the construction method, the manufacturers, and more. How do we make decisions when faced with so many options? Here are Our Guiding Design Principles.

    #1 Allow Your Feet and Body to Move, Naturally.

    #2 Choose Classic over Current

    #3 Minimize Harm

    #4 Maximize Value

  • Our Core Features & Benefits

  • #1 Our Patented Hollow Heel

    A raised heel is bad for you, but it looks good. 

    How do we get the best of both worlds?

    A Raised Heel...

    ...is pretty terrible for your body.

    Your body is made to move through a wide range of motion. When you put a raised heel under your foot, it traps you to a narrow range of motion, and that's when bad things start to happen. You make unnatural adjustments to stay upright, and everything gets thrown off alignment. Our calves and achilles tendons shorten and tighten. A raised heel is often the cause of foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain, back pain, and even shoulder and neck pain.

    But No Heel...

    ...looks funny.

    This is the Vivobarefoot Lisbon. After us, I think Vivobarefoot makes the best barefoot dress shoes, and their Lisbon model is the dressiest of their collection. Still, there's something "off" about it, no? And I realized...

    The look of a heel is essential.

    This is the Fifth Avenue, by Allen Edmonds.

    These shoes are made in Wisconsin by a company that's been doing their thing for a long time (since 1922). Take a look at the shoe as a whole. The heel adds a lot of "dressiness", doesn't it?

    Our Patented Hollow Heel...

    ...is the defining feature of our product.

    With our Patented Hollow Heel design, we are able to provide the wearer a flat outsole, while showing everyone else the look of a heel. It's the best of both worlds.

    An X-Ray of Our Shoes

    Where the foot appears to be...

    Is not where the foot actually is!

  • Side View Comparison

  • #2 Our Tapered Toebox

    Dress shoe toeboxes...

    ...are too freakin' narrow.

    Not only is that uncomfortable, but it can lead to serious issues like bunions.


    A good toebox should provide enough room for you to wiggle your toes up and down, and spread them side to side, almost as if they weren't in shoes.


    But unfortunately...

    A fat toebox...

    ...looks funny.

    It's ridiculous that a wide toebox is considered "clownish". It's not like a clown...it's like a human! A healthy human foot is widest at the toes. However, shoe design follows culture and fashion more than health and function. That's the way it is, and that's what we need to work with.

    Our Tapered Toebox...

    ...looks good AND feels good.

    I designed our toebox by:

    1. identifying where the toes are,
    2. making this the widest point of the shoes, then
    3. tapering the rest into a dressy point.

    Again, the best of both worlds!

    More Room = Less Sweat!

    I've always had sweaty feet...

    Until I started to wear only shoes with a generous toebox. My customers have been reporting the same!

  • Top View Comparison

  • #3 Our Thin & Light Sole


    Why do we make our soles so thin? For the same reason people choose ultra-thin condoms:

    It feels WAY better.


    The sole of our feet are super smart, with over 200,000 nerve endings to experience sensations. That's why it feels so good to walk on the sand, and why we enjoy foot rubs so much. Our ultra-thin sole lets you access this natural source of pleasure while still protecting you from road hazards.


    It's not just for good feelings, though. See, our feet are sensitive so they can tell us what we're walking on, and also whether we're walking correctly!


    Walking is a skill, like singing. There's a correct way of doing it that's pleasant, and a wrong way of doing it that hurts! Our feet tell us if we're walking well, just like our ears tell us if we're singing well. If you want to learn to sing well, it would be a bad idea to stuff them with earplugs. In the same way, if you want to learn to walk well, it's a bad idea to stuff your shoes in overly cushioned shoes that block your senses.


    With Carets, the only thing that stands between your foot and the floor are 1 centimeter of material, so your feet can feel the world, and help you move through it with strength and ease.



    At only 11.6 oz / 330 g in size 9, lightweight means less restriction, less strain, and more mobility. Pro runners know to wear lighter weight shoes, because every bit of extra weight works against you. Plus, wearing lightweight shoes (or no shoes at all!) is just more fun. It’s easier to move in, makes you feel more agile, and encourages more movement.


    Most dress shoes are so stiff that you're fighting your shoe with every step you take! Our shoes move freely with your foot. The outsole is so flexible that the only limit to flexibility is the leather upper. Still, our shoes provide way more flexibility than your foot is even capable of!

    No arch support

    Ancient Roman aqueducts, built with arches, have stood for nearly two millennia. The arch is an incredibly strong and stable structure, and the ones in the human foot are no exception. Our shoes don't have arch support, because arches don't need support. Arches ARE support. And because the foot's arches are built with living tissue, they get stronger when you use them properly!

    Durable Polyurethane

    Our polyurethane outsoles are light, yet highly abrasion-resistant. 

    Polyurethane is the preferred outsole compound for the toughest workboots. It’s meant to be walked on, and frequently. While it’s more expensive, our desire to bring you the strongest and most long-lasting properties easily outweigh the costs.

    Non-slip soles

    The leather outsoles on dress shoes can be dangerously slippery. Our outsoles are non-slip. The tiny grooves allow water to pass so you don't hydroplane, and they do so without aggressive lugs.

  • #4 Timeless & Versatile Style

    We only choose styles that have withstood the test of time, so your shoes will never go out of style.

    "Look at Cary Grant. The guy could walk out of a 1950’s movie and he would still look great walking down New York City in the year 2011.” - Antonio Centeno. Carets is about Timeless Style. Here, you will not find shoes that are excessively blunt nor excessively pointy, no loud colorways nor textures, and just the staples, no matter what the flavor of the season may be. We’re not interested in chasing fads. As you read further, you’ll learn that these shoes are made to last you a long time. We want you to be able to wear them years from now and still be as styling as the day you bought them.

    We take on the hard-to-make styles because making you look good is worth the extra work.

    We want you to look good. And I mean really good. See, everyone else these days is making an open-laced blucher derby. Very few take on a closed-lace balmoral oxford, like we do. Maybe they’re too afraid, or too lazy, or they think nobody cares about style anymore. We make shoes for people who do. Even though it’s harder to get the fit right, and the cut and stitching are more complicated, we know it’s worth the extra time and effort so you can look sharp.

    Just one of our shoes will work with multiple outfits, both formal and casual, thanks to versatile style.

    This designs we’ve carefully selected to start our collection--and the only designs that we will even consider making in the future--are universally recognized as the most classic and can be worn in almost any occasion. It’s much easier and more impressive to dress a formal piece down (e.g. Oxfords with denim), than it is to dress a casual piece up (e.g. sneakers with suits).

  • Board Room?

    or Weight Room?

    ...Why Not Both?

  • Development: Early Prototypes

    Here is how our shoes came to life, from 2010 - 2011.

    Flat & Wide

    For the first prototype I ever had made, they wanted to see if I really wanted it Flat & Wide. "Yup," I said to them. "Flat & Wide! This is how I like it. Now let's make it a bit more handsome, shall we?"

    Flat, Wide, & Tapered

    Ah, a taper! Much better. Now let's turn it into a dress shoe.

    Computer-Aided Design

    I told Steven, a designer, what elements I liked in dress shoes and he was able to put this together. Next, Linda, an engineer, used this design to create patterns, then put together our first dress shoe prototype.

    The Indiegogo Shoe

    In August 2011, a year after our first meeting, I received my first barefoot dress shoe that I could call Carets. Our design has come a long way since. But at the time, this prototype was the most beautiful and amazing thing. It was time to tell the world.

  • Indiegogo

    In Fall 2011, we ran a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. It was our debut to the world. We fell short of our fundraising goal, due to my shyness about sharing at that time. But we still raised enough that I knew we had a product/market fit.

  • Post-Indiegogo Development

    Between our Indiegogo campaign and receiving our first shipment in May 2013, our product went through a lot of further refinement.

    Outsole Welt Texture

    Classic dress shoes are stitched. Stitched constructions don't work well with our patented hollow heel outsole, but we wanted to maintain as much of the classic look as possible. A welt texture along the edge of the outsole adds that. You can see what a difference it makes in the comparison above!

    From Corrected-Grain to Full-Grain Leather

    Our Indiegogo shoe up top used a Corrected Grain leather. Notice it had an unnaturally smooth finish to it. All shoes made after the Indiegogo shoe feature Full-Grain leather. Notice the tiny dots in the leather on the bottom pair. That's the "grain"!

    Full-Grain Leather is Superior

    Full-grain leather refers to hides that have not been sanded or buffed, keeping it in it’s most natural (and durable) state. The fully intact fibers in full-grain leather provide more strength. With a thinner coating and finish than corrected-grain, full-grain leather also breathes better.

    Resoleable with Our Restoration Service

    For most shoes, and especially for minimalist shoes, the outsole is the first thing to wear out. Why let the rest of the shoe go to waste? When your Carets need a new sole, send it in. We are proud to partner with Resole America to provide new life to your favorite pair of shoes. We will Relast your shoes, Resole our patented outsole, Refinish the uppers, Repair minor stitching, and Replace the laces! For a fraction of the price, your shoes will be good as new.

    Last Change

    We changed the shape and dimensions of our "last", which is a plastic mold that shoes are made around. This gave it a more sleek look. Where we reduced width, we also added height, so you still have room to wiggle your toes!

    100% Flannel Cotton Shoe Bags

    Complimentary shoe bags made of 100% cotton protect your shoes from your luggage, and your luggage from your shoes. When you leave town on business, you want to easily pack your shoes. You don’t want to worry about them getting scuffed, and you also don’t want dirt from the bottom of your shoe getting on everything else. Our high-nap flannel cotton shoe bags do all this, plus they can be used as a polishing cloth to make any last-minute touch-ups before your big meeting.

    Aromatic Cedar Shoe Trees, by Woodlore

    Complimentary aromatic cedar shoe trees smooth out creases, maintain and restore shoe shape, and draw out moisture, so your shoes look better and last longer. The Native Americans have known about the many uses of Juniperus virginiana, aka aromatic cedar, for centuries. It is the best material to use for shoe trees, as the wood is very light, very durable, and the aromatic properties not only keep your shoes fresh, they also keep away pests that may damage your shoes. Aromatic cedar is harvested sustainably in North America, where it grows in abundance. These are made in the USA by Woodlore. You may have heard of their parent company, Allen Edmonds.

  • In May of 2013, we got our first production shoes and shipped to customers.


    Then something interesting happened...


    See, my original plan with these shoes was to make something passable. Something that didn't look funny. But somewhere along the way, I learned enough about dress shoes that ours were now able to stand out, in a positive way.

    I started getting messages from my customers about all the compliments they'd been getting about their shoes. Wow.

  • Real User Feedback

    Victorien, Finance, Europe

    ...Exploring my feet carefully, I noticed how lightweight they are. Then I remark that they were perfect for my professional environment, nobody will ever notice them. I work in an Italian financial institution and Style, with a big S, matters with Italians, trust me. My wife told me, "They are really nice and perfect." I totally agree with her...I mean these shoes are great, I love them and I have already had several compliments about them (from people who don't know anything about barefoot, so true aesthetic compliments). (full review in French on FivePointsClub)

  • The Quest for Quality

    In January 2014, armed with a lot more knowledge about dress shoes, as well as customer feedback specific to my shoes, I started another round of development.

  • Improvements in Version 3

    Cleaner Cuts & Finer Stitching

    Weinbrenner found an upper maker, DMG International, to help them with some highly technical work, like their waterproof boots. This upper maker also has more experience in dress shoes, so Weinbrenner suggested we work with DMG as well. DMG has done work for Allen Edmonds and they still do work for premium brands such as Red Wing. Compare the old version 2 at Left to the new version 3 at Right. The leather is cut more clean than before. And our stitching is about 30% tighter now, from 7 to 9 stitches per inch.

    Softer Leather, with a Deeper Color, & a Brighter Finish,

    With Version 3, I wanted a full-grain leather that was a deeper black color, so we had to request and test a custom-made leather from a new tannery. I also wanted more of a shine to the shoes, so our shoemaker then worked closely with their finish supplier to develop a finishing program for the new leather. I'm not sure how many people would notice the subtle difference between the left and right shoe above, but I definitely do. Something you will notice, though,  is that this new leather is softer as well.

    Poron Performance Cushioning

    "Cushioning" used to be a bad word in the barefoot running and minimalist shoe world. That's because when cushioning is an inch thick of EVA foam, they do throw off your posture, make your footing unstable, and cut off your sense of the ground. But a thin layer of cushioning? Completely different story. Our shoes have a leather footbed because it is durable, breathable, and luxurious. It is a bit slippery, though, especially in combination with our generous toebox. By placing a thin layer of Poron under the leather footbed, the foot is able to sink in just enough so it doesn't slip.

    Elastic Laces

    They turn your lace-up Oxfords into slip-ons! These are the coolest thing! People have asked if I'd make a slip-on shoe and the answer was always no because of longevity concerns. I've had slip-on's before. The elasticized parts get stretched out and the shoe becomes too loose. But with these elastic laces, it's okay if they get stretched out, because you can just replace them! Hat tip to a customer, Jerome, for telling me about them!

  • All Our Benefits

    To recap, We Offer You:

    1) No Heel

    ...so that your posture isn't thrown off and you can start relieving your aches and pains.

    2) The Look of a Heel

    ...so that your flat-bottomed shoes still look like dress shoes.

    3) Wide Toebox

    ...so that instead of your toes cramping, sweating, and forming bunions, they can wiggle happy and free.

    4) Tapered Toebox

    ...so that you can enjoy your wide toebox without looking like a clown.

    5) Ultra-Thin Sole

    ...so that you can experience the pleasure of almost being barefoot, and learn how to move correctly.

    6) Featherweight

    ...so that you can be light and agile on your feet.

    7) Flexible

    ...so that you and your feet can move free.

    8) No Arch Support

    ...so that your feet can grow stronger.

    9) Durable Polyurethane Outsole

    ...so that your shoes last longer.

    10) Non-Slip

    ...so that you can be safer on wet and oily surfaces.

    11) Classic Design

    ...so that your shoes never go out of style.

    12) Intricate Details

    ...so that you can stand out as a man of discerning taste.

    13) Versatile Style

    ...so that you can wear them to the most formal of affairs, or dress them down to your liking.

    14) Built by Experienced Craftsmen

    ...so you can be proud knowing these shoes were built with just as much pride.

    15) Full-Grain Leather

    ...so that your leather will age with grace and serve you for years.

    16) Resoleable

    ...so that you can get a second (and maybe even more) life out of your shoes, for a fraction of the price.

    17) Cotton Flannel Shoe Bags

    ...so that you can protect them from damage in your luggage.

    18) Aromatic Cedar Shoe Trees

    ...so that you can get more wears with your shoes, as they fight off moisture and maintain your shoe's shape.

    19) Poron Cushioning

    ...so that you get the perfect blend of comfort and groundfeel.

    20) Elastic Laces

    ...so that you can get your shoes on and off quick and easy.

    21) FREE Shipping & FREE Returns*

    ...so that your shopping experience with us is even easier than going to a shoe store.

    *US only

    22) 365-Days to try out our shoes

    ...so that you can take things slow and see if it's really true love.

    23) Zero-Risk Pre-Orders

    ...so that you can lock in a lower price, guarantee a pair from our production run, and cancel anytime you'd like for a full refund.

  • Real User Feedback

    Brad Rourke, Barefoot Athlete, Paleo Yogi, and Foundation Program Director, Rockville MD

    It took a long time to get them into production because Mountain wanted to do it right. American labor. Sustainable sourcing. Cut no corners. He kept all his investors informed along the way, at every heartbreaking misstep and back-to-the-drawing board turn of events. And because he was totally transparent about it, I felt happy waiting, knowing that when these things finally got into the wild it would be awesome. And they are. Thank you, Mountain. (full review on BradRourke.com)

    Philip D. Pan, 51, Concertmaster Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, Alpine skiier and rarefoot runner, Jacksonville FL

    I received my size 7 smooth-toe Primals today. They are everything I hoped for - beautifully made, comfortable and handsome. I wore the shoes out for the first time and they are absolutely fantastic! Played violin for a wedding, had to stand for about 90 min. and they were unbelievably comfy, both for the feet and for the back, (spinal alignment not messed up by heel rise). Congrats on a great product! The zero drop, stealth heel is the best! Even a 1/4 in. of heel rise bothers my back after a while. Brilliant!

    Tim Bailey, Engineer and Crossfitter, Seattle, WA

    I shattered my ankle a year ago in a hiking accident and my ankle is easily sprained, so I have to be careful with my footwear. I love my Primal Pros! They fit and feel like both a dress shoe and a barefoot shoe, and I'm able to walk all day without discomfort. I'd highly recommend these to anyone who hunts/gathers in the professional jungle.

    Chef Eric Nakata, 42, Corporate Chef

    Just wanted to give you HUGE props!! I came back from my business trip today to find my new primal captoes. Like a kid at Xmas I tore into the box to find great craftsmanship. Love the entire package with the shoe tree, shoe horn and shoe bags. My feet were barking from my Ecco's so I immediately put on the new shoes. Not only did my feet stop hurting but they looked damn good too. I spent the remainder of the day in the kitchen without the slightest slip. Thanks again for making such an awesome shoe. Hands down my favorite most comfortable work dress shoe.

    Glen Van Peski, Founder Gossamer Gear, City Engineer, Carlsbad CA

    It was like I was wearing slippers, but nobody knew it. (full review on Toe Salad)

    Nicholas Pang, Founder MinimalistRunningShoes.org, Shoe Director NaturalRunningCenter.com, San Mateo CA

    I’ve been writing about casual and dress minimalist shoes for runners since 2011 and a few brands started delivering great shoes in 2013 including LEMs Shoes, VIVOBAREFOOT, andRockport. But there was nothing that can seriously go with a suit – the VIVOBAREFOOT RA was the closest – VIVOBAREFOOT actually improved on that with theVIVOBAREFOOT LISBON that we wrote about last month. Not until now is there a true minimalist dress shoe for the those with wide feet and looking for something that they can wear at work or special occasions without getting back pains or sore feet from walking or standing around too long. [Carets] FER and ZETONE is the holy grail for minimalist runners and barefoot runners. (full review on Minimalist Running Shoes)

    Alessio Angeleri, Personal Trainer, Tortona, Italy

    I'm really happy about the shoes, they are perfect, the fit, the look, the feeling, really really well done. I work in a luxury store as first occupation, thus I need to have a very elegant and stylish shoes, but at the same time I am a barefoot advocate, I go barefoot aside from my job everywhere, thus I need a shoe that meet the elegance requirements and my barefoot soul. Since I am a barefooter I can't use a standard dress shoe anymore, because all you can find anywhere is just a narrow casting for feet that it's all but a friendly place for your feet, nor for your joints and your back. With your shoes I found the best compromise between style and comfort, so I can go to work every day without the stress to wear a trap that mangles my feet. Aside from my first job I'm a personal trainer as well, and I'm really happy to read that you are a powerlifter. I'd like to thank you very much for your help and support.

    Brandon Arakaki, 37, Corporate IT and Independent Leadership Professional, CrossFit Level 1, USA Weightlifting masters competitor, Beverly MA

    The shoe care accessories are a SOLID contributor to the value and speak of the focus on quality. I've never had shoe trees...it's suitable that I'd get my first pair with these. I love the shoes, love the amount of space in them (the whole fit in general). Way outside my typical price point, but I took a chance and it was CERTAINLY worth the investment (and the wait). [Carets] are more supple and resilient than any other dress shoe I have. I'm also really happy about the rubber outsole soft enough to bend from flexing the toes from the inside of the shoe, a very pleasant surprise (I was expecting a hard leather outsole). I'm Hawaii born and raised, grew up in bare feet! Great stuff! Awesome work.

    Tim Haffner, 41, Kettlebell Trainer, Military Officer

    My initial impression of [Carets] Zetone is that they are even better than I expected. The leather is very smooth, soft and of the highest quality. The coloring is deep and even while responding well to cordova polish. The sizing is, as described, quite generous and comfortable. What is most satisfying is the true barefoot feel to these handsome dress shoes. While giving the full appearance of a traditional dress shoe, the feel is authentically primal! The cloth bags, tongue pads, shoe trees and shoe horn are great accessories as well. This the way to "over-deliver"!"

    Matt, 36, German Teacher, Nordic ski coach, Parkour athlete, Minimalist Trail Runner, St. Paul MN

    "The leather is incredibly uniform and supple, the stitching is perfect, and it just looks sexy." (full review on In Search of Badass)

    Robert H., 43, Pilot, American Airlines, Dallas, TX

    I just returned from a two-week trip to a "Christmas in May" with the arrival of my new shoes. The quality and workmanship is excellent and the fit is quite comfortable. You've achieved a remarkable feat in these shoes! (No pun intended) ;-) Thanks again for making these and I wish you a rewarding and profitable venture both for your ingenuity and entrepreneurial passion!

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